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I would love to help everybody, but I cannot

I receive thousands of messages a day. So in order to stay productive, I need to be disciplined about time and task management. That means that I prioritise my work and I allocate a certain amount of time to each task type. If I didn’t, then I would not be able to manage my business or create any content or do research.

So who gets priority?

If I am your sponsor in a platform, that means you signed up directly under me, using my link, then I am more than happy to support you. When you contact me, please let me know that I am your sponsor and let me know your user name or ID for that platform, so I can verify that I am your sponsor. You will then receive priority.

If I am your upline, will you get support?

No, not unless I am your direct sponsor. To give you an example, in Finiko I have over 8,000 people in my team. That means, for those 8,000 people, I am their upline. It is impossible to be able to support that many people. So what do you do? You contact your sponsor and ask them for support. If they cannot answer your query then they will ask their sponsor, and on up the chain it goes. Once the answer is received, that answer is passed down the chain and each person in that chain now knows that answer, and if anyone else asks the question, they now know how to answer it. This way, the knowledge gets disseminated to more people and more people can then support each other, 

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