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searching for transparency and truth in the crypto space

My name is Gary. I have a YouTube channel where I research investment platforms. I hate scammers and I am keen on companies who give full transparency about the owners and about how they make their profits.


CryptoAnalyzer is rightly feared by scammers and unprofessional operators alike, his interrogation of investment platforms is calm but incredibly thorough and this has given me huge confidence in embarking on investment opportunities that I might have otherwise missed. Equally he’s enabled me to steer clear of some dodgy operators, because there are plenty out there. As he’ll remind you, the world of crypto is the ‘Wild West’ of the financial scene where operators, unregulated, unaccountable and largely untraceable, can exit scam into the ether with your hard earned cash. CA’s mantra is ‘TRANSPARENCY’ because when an operator puts their head above the parapet and makes themselves just that little bit more accountable you can feel a lot more confident about making an investment – CA delves deep on our behalf to achieve this (arranging interviews with CEO’s etc) and this is incredibly valuable. There is significant money to be made in this space, but big gains come with big risks – CA should be an essential part of your due diligence from now on.

Jamie WG, Dorset


Finiko are a Russian company with 120 traders. They have been in business since January 2018. I have been with them 8 months, during which time they have lived up to their promises and delivered regular profits without problems. They expect to become a licenced Brokerage by the end of 2020. I have verified that they have traders and have interviewed their CEO several times. This is a great company that will hopefully be around for a long time. I do regular webinars showcasing the company and it's products.

Finalmente Global. A traditional advertising business where we can multiply our bitcoin. Based in South Africa, the CEO is very transparent and has shown me evidence of the legitimacy of their business.

CashFX started in July 2019, but had their official launch on 8th November 2019. They have done things right from the beginning. They have a strong legal team to prepare them for future regulation. Their marketing and software is managed by Ron Pope - a man of high integrity, who has been friends with the CEO of CashFX for 9 years.

TorqueBOT started in October 2019, but this product has been in use for nearly 3 years. The company behind TorqueBot are Snap-Innovations. Their CEO is very transparent. My sponsor has videos of his visit to their offices in Singapore. We have evidence of the traders trading and the bot at work. If you want to know how to generate around 10% profit per month using a legitimate multi-account strategy then email me at and I will talk you through the process.

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