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Welcome to my Private Members Club

It won’t suit everybody, but I am happy to share my videos and files with like-minded people. There are two key points that determine if we are like-minded.

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Accepting Risk

You could lose all or part of your investment!

If you cannot accept the risk, then don’t join. Before I send bitcoin to any platform, I imagine how I might feel if that platform fails and I can no longer get access to my funds. The strength of my reaction tells me if I am overextending myself and taking on too much risk.

Personal Responsibility

Nobody forces you to invest!

Do you take ownership of your investment decisions? When I invest, win or lose, I own my decision. Nobody forces me to invest. If you aren’t willing to take personal responsibility for your actions then don’t join.

Make a conscious decision to Accept the Risks and to take Personal Responsibility, or not!

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